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Ways to Work With Me

Impact on the workplace


Over the years, I have led workshops on allyship, workplace mental health and mindful leadership.  As our society, demographics, and the market change, so too will the workplace.  By providing customized tools, resources, and access to innovators, I help executive leadership and managers attract, retain, and promote diverse talent. 


Impact on the world

I demystify medical jargon to explain clinical data to motivate my audience toward successful clinical encounters and better care for themselves and their loved ones.

Impact on Healthcare

Medicine is changing. I harness that momentum to advance cutting-edge practices that prevent burnout, promote health equity, and structural competency. 

Interested in Mindfulness Retreats?

Visit reflect + renew, a mindfulness based wellness program founded by two physicians, Dr. Aeva Gaymon-Doomes & Dr. Karinn Glover.

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