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Dr. Karinn

I help companies transform the workplace to secure better physical and mental health for employees. 

Dr. Karinn Glover is a board-certified physician specializing in psychiatry and mind-body health. With a background in marketing and communications gained from working in corporate environments and in print media, Dr. Glover has the lived experience of a person of color in the corporate setting. Over the course of her decade-long career in medicine, she has developed and consulted on wellness programming for employees of color and worked with leadership to address workplace mental health efforts for professionals of all backgrounds.

Dr. Glover is committed to teaching mindful change from the inside and improving life for the underserved. Her decade-plus experience as a psychiatrist and leader in the primary care division at Montefiore Health System, informs her approach to health equity, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI+B), and the styles of leadership that produce organizational success. 

Not only is Dr. Glover a frequent advisor and guest lecturer in corporate settings, she is also a trusted voice on health for community organizations, and an invigorating, informative, educator in academic settings.

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